Lease With Us

Thought of leasing your land for hunting and fishing, but are a little unsure?  It’s not an easy thing to let someone have access to your property, however with the right people it’s both profitable and little to no risk.

Leasing to a business offers many conveniences and benefits that you won’t get from the average individual.

  • Bonded and insured, we go to every effort indemnify our landowners from liability and risk
  • Criminal background checks ensuring safety for landowners and our other members
  • Strict policies regarding conduct and a zero tolerance, no drugs or alcohol policy
  • Computerized tracking of who is appointed to be at on a property to prevent crowding

We offer flexible lease agreements to ensure your comfort with the hunting and fishing activities on your land.  Some landowners are comfortable with bow and shotgun hunting, but prefer not to allow rifle hunting.  Feel free to take a minute and review the rules we require our members to abide by while hunting your land.

We take our relationships with landowners very seriously, after all…they’re the cornerstone of our business.

Ready to learn more?  Call us today at 800-351-6320.