Club Rules


General Guidelines

  1. All state and federal game and fish laws must be obeyed
  2. All landowner rules must be followed. These rules will be posted with each property.
  3. Members are not allowed on any club property without a reservation.
  4. No littering on club property. Pick up any trash found.  You WILL be fined $150 (first offense) if you are caught littering or leaving trash behind in the shooting houses!
  5. All members and guests must have a signed Hold Harmless Agreement on file before visiting any club property.  It is the member’s responsibility to make sure this is done. Form can be printed off from the club website. Members must fax/mail their guest forms to office BEFORE taking guest onto club property. NO EXCEPTIONS!! There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for this rule.
  6. All members must display their current club sticker on their vehicle.
  7. All members must file a harvest report within 48 hours of hunting or fishing on club land. If no report is filed, member will not be able to make reservations on any properties until all past due reports are filed.  Improperly submitted harvest reports will count as a rule infraction.
  8. Membership dues are due on May 1st starting in 2016. Monthly plan payments are due 15th of every month.
  9. Members must stay within boundaries of their reserved property/unit. Property boundaries will be marked.
  10. If you are going to be unable to be on a property on the day/days that you have reserved, you must cancel your reservation online by 8pm the day before your reservation. In the event something happens after that time that prevents you from using your reservation, you must call the office by 8am the following day and notify us that you’re not going to use the property.
  11. Drugs and alcohol are NOT allowed on club property. There are no exceptions to this. You get caught and you are immediately out.
  12. Foul language is not allowed on club property. Respect landowner and fellow members.
  13. Members’ spouse and dependents are included in a paid membership and can hunt, fish, and camp with the member on all properties.
  14. Members may bring a guest up to 3 times a year per guest. One guest at a time for deer and turkey hunting. All other activities 3 guests max at a time.
  15. Guest fee is $45/day. Guest fees are to be paid on or before renewal date. If not renewing, guest fees are still owed to club.
  16. Members may purchase an unlimited guest pass for $400/yr. Number of guests allowed per day still applies, but no limit on number of visits.
  17. Only one property or unit may be reserved per day. If more than one unit is needed (rabbit hunting, bird hunting, etc) members must call office to make reservation.
  18. Every effort must be made to recover game. However, in the event that an animal travels off your reserved unit or property you must call the office so arrangements can be made to continue tracking.  If you are unable to reach the office, please contact the area game warden for assistance in recovering game.
  19. It is the members’ responsibility to read and be familiar with club rules and to make sure any guest abide by rules as well. Members will receive a copy of rules in the new member pack and rules are posted on website. Rules infractions will be addressed as follows: 1st offense- $150 fine, 2nd offense- $150 fine & loss of privileges on property rules were broken on, 3rd offense – membership revoked without refund. Members assume responsibility for infractions committed by their guests.

Deer Hunting Rules

  1. Scouting reservations for deer can be made until Labor Day weekend.
  2. No corn or other bait allowed on any club properties after Labor Day.
  3. All members and guests must use a full body harness with fall arresting lanyard when hunting from tree stands.
  4. All stands must be taken down no later than X days after the end of season and a reservation must be made to do so.
  5. All stands must be tagged with:
    1. Your name
    2. Telephone number

Waterfowl Hunting Rules

  1. “Skybusting” is a capital offense and WILL NOT be tolerated.  Know your effective shooting range.
  2. All birds must be hunted & transported within state and federal guidelines.
  3. All birds kept at any club lodging must have at least one fully feathered wing.  Each individual bird must be properly tagged with the following information:
    1. address
    2. sex & species
    3. the date killed
    4. hunting license number
    5. location taken
  4. Any and all decoys and equipment must be removed at the end of reservation.  If hunting the same area multiple consecutive days, they may be left overnight at your own risk.