The Club

Welcome to Alabama Woods and Water, Alabama’s Premiere Sportsman’s Club! I’m Scott Little. My wife Teri and I started this club to provide access to quality private land for hunting, fishing, and camping opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. I’m a lifelong outdoor sportsman, and I long ago realized that the best hunting and fishing is found on private land.

Public land can offer great opportunities but is crowded and can be frustrating when someone beats you to your favorite spot! Private land offers controlled access and exclusive use, but gaining access can be frustrating. That’s where AWW comes in. Unlike traditional hunting clubs that offer access to only one property, we offer access to multiple properties, and exclusive use through our online sign-out board. Imagine having a whole property to yourself to hunt, a secluded stream or farm pond to yourself to fish or camp by! Imagine never again having to worry about someone beating you to your favorite spot!

The ASN Advantage

As part of the American Sportsman Network, AWW also gives you access to private land in several other states as well!  ASN is a network of clubs like ours that share access to leases within the network. What that means for you is use of all properties leased by AWW plus access to thousands of acres in every state leased by Network clubs…all for the price of one membership!  What other hunting or fishing club can say that?

The American Sportsman Network’s online sign-out board allows you to view online:

  • Property Maps and related information (Parking, Lock Codes, Etc)
  • Past and Present reservations for each property
  • Harvest history for each property

The ASN online sign-out board allows us to record game sightings and harvest history that we then review when lease renewals come up.  This way, we can always make sure we keep quality properties leased and cull those that don’t perform.

We have something for everyone. Deer, Elk, Turkey, Waterfowl, Upland Game, the list goes on! If you love the outdoors, and hunting and fishing like I do, this is where you belong! Our goal is to provide our members with the best possible opportunities on the best possible private land at the best possible price! Browse the site. Check out our membership choices. Then, join us and experience what hunting, fishing, and camping can REALLY be like!

Ready to learn more?  Contact us today at 800-351-6320.